Beach volleyball tournament continues despite extreme heat ::

In the not too long ago opened Nations Cup in Vienna’s Heumarkt, the protagonists of seaside volleyball will face one other huge problem moreover the sporting one. Today, beginning Wednesday, the temperature will once more rise above 30 levels. The onset of a heat wave results in emergency situations on the Center Court, and an ideal burden on the athletes.

Tournament physician Martin Gruber expressed no well being considerations despite the excessive temperatures: “These are aggressive athletes who’re used to coaching within the heat,” Gruber mentioned in an interview Monday. Nevertheless, he respects the affect he has had on athletes. The extra intense the heat, the extra you have to management how shut the actors come to their tolerance limits to keep away from heat stroke or overheating.

The physician ought to monitor the gamers

The situation turns into harmful solely when the core physique temperature rises sharply. Then the tournament physician needed to act shortly and intervene. “It’s my obligation to behave when the suitable signs seem. At 39 levels I prick my ears, at 40 levels I take the participant out of the sport,” defined Gruber.

Precautions must be taken to reduce physique heat build-up earlier than, throughout and after the sport. “Adequate fluid consumption and common cooling are essential. Adequate relaxation and sleep away from the courtroom, in addition to being in shaded rooms with a average temperature, are essential,” defined Gruber.

Due to the excessive temperature, a kind of heat seems straight within the central space. For instance, on the 2017 World Cup on Danube Island, the skin temperature was the identical as this week, with 67 levels measured on the sphere. Sand temperature may also grow to be an issue.

Fans must also watch out

But the followers additionally sweated. Especially the locations close to the courtroom are affected by the solar. Gruber additionally has a number of solutions for viewers: “Always go to the shade, drink sufficient, and keep away from alcohol as a lot as potential.”

Participating ÖVV athletes are comparatively relaxed concerning the situation of excessive temperatures. Robin Seidl used to seek out it tough to play beneath the scorching solar, however now he’s mentally ready: “I do not even take into consideration the heat, I simply go into the match, see the ball and play.” Martin Ermakora and Moritz Prystauz have additionally labored particularly with their psychic coach on this case and actually have a particular trick up their sleeves. “Take a chilly bathe earlier than the sport, keep cool, after which whenever you’re overheated on the courtroom, take into consideration a chilly bathe. It’ll cool you down,” Ermakora mentioned.

Obviously, the upper the temperature, the quicker and extra vitality is consumed. However, your private efficiency doesn’t essentially lower throughout excessive heat. “We are used to such video games. Our artwork won’t endure in any respect,” mentioned Katarina Schützenhofer.


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