Benedict Mathurin selected by the Pacers in 6th place!

About ten minutes after Keegan Murray’s “surprise” in Sacramento—and thus Jaden Ivey in Detroit—the Pacers made their choice. It is Bennedict Maturin who takes the direction of Indianapolis and joins Tyrese Haliburton in the backcourt of a team completely rebuilt. There will be no forty-two interiors at the post, and all the better, because this is not a childish style.

Benedikt Mathurin’s profile is HERE!

The Pacers’ selection wasn’t the most anticipated of the night, yet Benedikt Maturin – 2:01 for 88 kg – could be one of the biggest surprises of the 2022 season. having a great season as a sophomore at the University of Arizona, before 17.7 points on 45% shooting, including 37% from parking, 5.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1 steal per game. This is not the kind of team-oriented player who will create for others and scatter passes with his elbow. There we are more about the kid eating Gatorade who only swears at Chatelet, Fortnite and 2+1. The Canadian will fit perfectly into the Indiana team, which has so far lacked finishers. Announced to retire, Malcolm Brogdon will likely no longer be in the game next October. Therefore, we are moving towards the backcourt of Tyrese Halliburton – Benedict Mathurin, synonymous with several years of development, but, above all – and provided that the process goes without a hitch – a golden future.

Comparing these gentlemen to ESPN? Benedikt Maturin would be sort of a fusion between OG Anunoby and Manu Ginobili: “OG AnGinobili” notes Kendrick Perkins. Two international players with far from offensive careers for a 20-year-old Canadian. His serenity with the ball actually makes him look a little like Manu from Buenos Aires. As for OG Anunoby, the flames are scattered randomly by the computer. Have we seen him play to cut the comparison? Nothing special, but it’s nice to criticize. Little joke last summer Benedict Mathurin could have been selected in the middle of the first round of the 2021 draft.. He eventually decided to drop his name in order to re-enlist with the Wild Cats. An erudite choice that, a year later, put him in 6th place in this cuvee. On the floor, his status will not be the same as if he were drafted in 2021 between the fat Yugoslav and Justin Bibbins’ nephew. The comma also disappears in the payroll.

Member “The First PAC12 Team” and named to the 2022 NCAA Greatest Players – All-American – Benedict Maturin is heading to Indianapolis, where – without too much pressure – his scoring skills will help the Pacers lift their heads. The end of one era, the beginning of another.

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