Big update on LeBron’s future with the Lakers!

LeBron James just had a tough new season with the Lakers and will no doubt be looking to to correct shooting next season, especially if Kyrie Irving arrives in the coming days … But, according to the specialist, the presence of the King in California should not be taken for granted!

When LeBron James having settled in Los Angeles in 2018, everyone thought that the Lakers would be the last step in this great career. It must be said that the King was already relatively old and that this signing was more like an out-of-sport decision than anything else. In the City of Angels, the King was able to develop many of the businesses that he is now developing along with other superstars.

And then, with the sporting success he has known since his arrival and the ambition of his leaders, he has no real reason to leave. He landed the 4th ring in the bubble, thus getting a little closer to Michael Jordan in an unprecedented hierarchy, and if Rob Pelinka manages to materialize many rumors sending Kyrie Irving to Purple GoldNo. 6 could very well lift Larry O’Brien’s latest trophy.

LeBron James coming back to Cleveland soon?!

But according to ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst, who is very close to the James clan, it wouldn’t be that easy on the inside. Indeed, the king has until August to sign a possible extension with Angelino, and if he refuses, it is obviously time to think about his next destination. What if he decides to return home for one last lap of honor before retiring?

It’s a deal no one is talking about, but one that could have a huge impact on next season. If LeBron decides not to renew his contract with the Lakers, he will still play and try to get the most out of his roster, but during the season it will also be necessary to calculate the salary cap available to the Cavaliers during Free Agency.

For Brian Windhorst, LeBron James will definitely be a Lakers player next season, and he will do everything possible on the field to get his team as far as possible in the playoffs … In the coming weeks, this will be a sign that he intends to retire in Cleveland, your city, or another franchise with Bronnie.

I must say that the Cavaliers look like a team of the future with a very talented trio of Darius Garland / Evan Mobley / Jarrett Allen, and King’s experience could be very useful in training at the highest level. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and developing young talent, and could do so under better conditions if he were to return to his debut franchise. Summer will be decisive for him!

For Brian Windhorst, the future of LeBron James is binary: either he will renew his contract in the coming weeks and end his career with the Lakers, or wait until his contract expires to return to Ohio and have one last adventure with him.

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