Breakfast: Seahawks still at Baker Mayfield?

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Seahawks still interested in Baker Mayfield?

The Browns still have Baker Mayfield (QB) on their roster. If the Panthers have been back in the spotlight in recent weeks, the Seahawks will remain a team to watch.

According to ESPN, the Seattle franchise is still very interested in the former number one in the draft. Leaders are also open to the idea of ​​signing a contract extension if he ever gets into a business. As a reminder, Mayfield is on a one-year contract worth 18 18.8 million.

Season of overconfidence: Falcons or Texans?

In the month of June everyone is beautiful and strong. Evidence? Two bold statements released in recent hours.

Olamide Zaccheaus (WR, Falcons) bets on collective aspirations in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I think we are a playoff team,” said the Atlanta player. “We just have to put everything in place. Start strong at the beginning of the season and don’t put yourself in a hole. I think we can surprise a lot of people. A

On the Houston side, Phiron Brown (TE, Texans), author of 23 receptions for 171 yards last season, revived on other personal ambitions.

“I have slowed down the game and I understand the details better. It’s going to help me become an All-Pro this year. A

We will all remember that there are only two narrow ends selected in the All-Pro teams. Brown has been in the league since 2017. Last year’s 23 receptions were his personal best.

At the Flores case hearing?

According to The Athletic, the NFL has filed a motion to adjudicate Brian Flores’ anti-NFL racism claim in arbitration rather than in the presence of a judge or jury.

However, Flores’ lawyers have asked the NFL not to interfere in the investigation. He acknowledged that the League’s progress on racism was inconsistent with the lack of transparency that could constitute arbitration.

The answer to this resolution will be known in a month.

Roger Godell does not have full powers

When he was auditioned by the oversight committee on the working environment within the Washington Commanders, Roger Godell took the opportunity to clarify his position against franchise owner Dan Cinder. When asked if he had the option to remove Snyder from his post, the commissioner was straightforward.

“I do not have the authority to dismiss him. A

The committee was also scheduled to hear the commander-in-chief on Wednesday. However, he was not in the United States due to business meetings associated with his franchise. Anyway, this is the official pattern. According to the NFL Network, he will be introduced next week.


James Robinson (RB, Jaguars) He told the Florida Times-Union that he would not risk returning at any cost for the start of the 2022 season. As a reminder, Robinson tore his Achilles tendon in the last 16 weeks of the season.



Section: Bradley Pinion (P, Buccaneers), Pierre-Oliver Lestage (OL, Seahawks), Kahle Waring (TE, Saint)


– Former Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens players Tony SiragusaKnown as “The Goose”, he died at the age of 55. Former defensive lineman and field man for the American chain FOX won the Super Bowl 35 with the Ravens.

– The Tennessee Titans have announced that they will open their training camp for supporters after 2 years of impossibility due to covid and repairs. (Paul Kuharsky)

– The Green Bay Packers have announced that 12 exercises will be open to the public during the training camp, including 2 joint exercises with the New Orleans Saints. (Pro Football Talk)

Sean McWay (HC, Rams) He will have a statue at the University of Miami (Ohio) where he played the receiver during his university years (Pro Football Talk).

– The new Jacksonville Jaguars Training Center project is pending construction of a new stadium. In fact, the city’s town hall has approved two building permits for a 24 million savings. (Jacksonville Daily Record)

Terrace Marshall is ready to take the next step

After an average rookie season where he caught 17 passes for 138 yards in 13 appearances, Terrace Marshall (WR, Panthers) Despite the uncertainty within his team at the quarterback, there is confidence for the coming season.

“During the break, I tried to learn from my mistakes. Today, I am more comfortable and more motivated than ever. He told USA Today ‘s microphone

Along with Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore, Marshall has the opportunity to start his NFL career to help his team.

Brendan Graham thinks about retirement

In a podcast dedicated to the Eagles, Brendan Graham (DE, Eagles) Talked about the coming end of his career. The player would like to play 3 more seasons in the league. On the question of whether he would like to play somewhere else at the end of his career?

“You know what? I want to. But only for a year. I have a family that is now settled and he doesn’t want to leave right away. So it will probably only be for a year. But, we’ll see how it goes.” My goal is to do 15 seasons and if possible in the Eagles jersey.

Today, Brendon Graham is 34 years old and has already played 12 seasons in the NFL. He is out of contract at the end of the 2022 season.

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