Where is Judge Aaron? – Sports VAT

Early in the season We are talking about the courageous decision of Aaron Judge, who turned down an offer of 213 million from the seven-year-old Yankees and decided to gamble. Until now. The referee has to take the lead in home matches and get his ticket to the All-Star Game, so the judge has to … Read more

Jacob deGrom of Mets Dominates in Rehab Start

The struggling Mets got yet another dose of optimism on Sunday when Jacob deGrom, the team’s co-ace who has been sidelined all season, struck out five of the six batters he faced in a rehab start for Class A St. Lucie. Eighteen of deGrom’s 24 pitches went for strikes, with his fastball topping 100 miles … Read more

Is the future in the six-game series?

This is the new love of baseball. The players like it. Posted at 7:45 AM Running shoes? Stick to another shot? An Impact Ball That Stimulates Attackers? No instead of six game series. The formula is so popular that within a year It has been adopted by all major league and minor league affiliates. What … Read more

Finally, I’m glad to be home

He has lived in the sun for the past two years, but Yordan Manduley of Cuba has never forgotten Quebec. While waiting for his visa to end, the strong striker followed the performance of the team he was looking for on the web. “It was tiring to wait, but I really wanted to come back. … Read more

Blue Jays: Toronto fans praise Russell Martin

Quebecer Russell Martin was greeted by a group of members of the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday for a pre-match ceasefire with the Tampa Bay Rays. • Read: Jays hits Rays. If you send him an invitation as part of Canada Day, Martin, accompanied by some of the young Quebec players selected by the Quebec … Read more