Chelsea FC Shaken by Concerns, Complaints and a Suicide

LONDON — Month after stressful month, the problems mounted inside Chelsea FC Almost a dozen employees of the club’s marketing department said they had come to expect being berated by their boss in front of colleagues. Others said they had faced his wrath in more humiliating ways, ordered to stand up and leave staff meetings … Read more

Scott Vermillion, Former American Soccer Pro, Had CTE

Scott Vermillion’s family members still struggle to articulate the jumble of emotions they felt last November when they received the phone call from the doctors. Vermillion, a former MLS player, had died almost a year earlier, on Christmas Day in 2020, at age 44. The direct cause was acute alcohol and prescription drug poisoning, his … Read more

Gareth Bale Will Join LAFC in Major League Soccer

Ever since Gareth Bale helped ensure that Wales would play in the World Cup for the first time since 1958, there has been only one question on the minds of his countrymen: For which club would he sign, and play, to prepare for the tournament? The answer arrived Saturday: After running out his contract with … Read more

The Stranded Sons of Shakhtar Donetsk

SPLIT, Croatia – It was in their moment of triumph, when they had beaten their opponents and come together to collect their medals, when some of the boys were overcome with sadness, when the tears welled up in their eyes. The teenagers, a mix of 13- and 14-year-olds representing one of the youth squads of … Read more

World Cup Will Allow Five Substitutes and Bigger Rosters

DOHA, Qatar – The use of extra substitutes in matches, a change to longstanding soccer tradition brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, was formally written into the sport’s rules on Monday, only five months before the start of this year’s World Cup in Qatar. Under the revision to soccer’s purposely brief rulebook, the Laws of … Read more