Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, big rumor that’s swell!

If the Lakers are often the go-to for Kyrie Irving, other franchises could get his attention as well. In this case, recent reports explain that Dallas would be a very interesting place for him! The Texans will have several arguments in their favor.

After years of languishing in the soft underbelly of the league, the Mavs finally seem ready to challenge for the title again. This year’s conference finalists, Luka Doncic and his teammates want to go even further in 2022-2023 and the local front office is working to make that possible. The first step has already been taken bring Christian Wood from Houston. However, we shouldn’t expect the franchise to stop there.

Inevitably, when confronted with the potential of the team coached by Jason Kidd, some observers immediately begin to dream. Rick Bucher of Fox Sports thus recently explained that El Matador & co. may well be the ideal base for Kyrie Irvingdeparture from Brooklyn:

An Eastern Conference spokesman suggested that the Dallas Mavericks would be best placed to receive Irving. The reasons were pretty simple: their general manager, their coach and their star player.

One of the problems in Brooklyn is Irving’s apparent disrespect for Steve Nash as head coach. While Nash and Jason Kidd have careers worthy of the Guards Hall of Fame, Kidd has a title under his belt – as does Irving – and Nash has none. GM Mavericks Nico Harrison apparently already has a strong relationship with Irving due to his former position as Nike vice president of basketball operations for North America, whom Irving signed to a shoe deal.

And then there’s Luka Doncic, the Mavs superstar point guard. “With Luka, Kairi doesn’t have to be your best player,” the opponent’s grandmaster said. “He doesn’t need to lead. But they need a second scorer and he can do it. »

Although we talk a lot about the Lakers in particular a deal that could change everything, in fact, Dallas could have hit the jackpot. Uncle Drew would have had every reason to want to go there anyway.

The Mavs are the perfect base for Kyrie Irving?

Indeed, it’s common knowledge that the 2016 champion’s relationship with his coach in Brooklyn was less than ideal for a while. The Canadian is clearly struggling to maintain good relations with his stars, as the situation was almost identical with James Harden before leaving for Philadelphia. However, Kai in Texas would have a ringed coach as a player in J-Kidd and therefore knows what to do to win the title.

In addition, he has long been associated with the current front office, which could contribute to rapprochement. The worry is that his arrival will necessarily involve trade… and that the Mavericks don’t have much to offer the blacks and whites. Unless they’re willing to let go of Allilooka in return, which just seems impossible, getting the former Cleveland’s services can be difficult.

On paper, some observers consider the Mavs to be the best base for Kyrie Irving. The problem is, the Texans don’t have a lot of assets to offer the Nets, so it’s unlikely that such a deal will see the light of day.

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