Lakers make big decision, fans are very mixed!

By the end of June, players must decide whether to activate their Player Option for the next season or opt out. In the Lakers, the home front wants to spend a little more time in the City of Angels, but, let’s just say, the reaction is mixed. In any case, he is an additional player for Rob Pelinka with the possibility of a trade.

After a non-playoff season that was a complete failure, the Lakers know that a little roster boost can’t hurt. A player who gets a lot of criticism? Russell Westbrook, who was finally able to find Eastern Conference exit door. The trade has not been purchased yet, but we need to be ready for everyone at Angelinos who wants new players to bring another dynamic.

But rest assured, Russ is not the only player discussing this team at the moment. This also applies to Kendrick Nunn, who didn’t play a second for the Lakers during the last campaign. He played well in the preseason, but suffered a knee injury that forced him to sit down in the infirmary. The healing didn’t go according to plan.

Another player for the Lakers next year!

Injured or not, Nunn faced a big decision this season: whether or not to activate a player option worth more than $5 million. Without much surprise, especially considering his last exercise, Kendrick decided to accept it. As such, he will officially become the Lakers next season unless a trade occurs. Indeed, and from the moment he accepts this option, Rob Pelinka can trade him elsewhere.

Kendrick Nunn, as expected, decided to take his option to the Lakers next season.

However, in the off-season, Nunn may not be of interest to teams. He is due to return to the courts in October to reassure supporters. So far, the response has been mixed:

It was exactly…

Okay, I want to see him play. When the Lakers signed him, everyone thought it was a steal.

Kendrick Nunn will remain with the Lakers next season determined to be resurrected after a tough knee struggle. That’s all we wish him, especially since he can be very useful for Angelino if he finds his level. We’ll find out more in the fall.

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