Memorial Cup: Cataracts in the semifinals

SAINT-JEAN, NB | We may have to stop saying that the Shawinigan Cataractes Memorial Cup tournament is being ignored. Daniel Reno’s men won their second straight game on Thursday, this time with the Hamilton Bulldogs to secure at least a place in the semi-finals next Monday.

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When goalkeeper Antoine Coulomb saved the fort with 40 shots, including 19 in the first half, Shavinigan scored three goals and fired from the muzzle.

“You see performances that are inspired by children who are committed to their partners, their team and their style of play. We have such a united team that we believed and still believe in ourselves, even if the noise from the outside is not on our side, ”said assistant coach Pascal Dupuis to Daniel Reno, who has returned to management. In front of the media because of the loss of voice that has plagued him for several days.

Cataracts with two wins in the regulations now top the round table with a total of six points. On Saturday, they will face the St. John Sea Dogs, who will send one of the two teams directly to the Grand Final. Cats only need one point to finish first and take a place in the last game.

“It simply came to our notice then. We came here with the goal of winning every game. It’s good to believe in the semi-finals, but we’re not done yet, ”added Maurice Burke.

Impact force

The last time a cataract attack with Xavier Burgo against the Bulldogs was the catalyst. Both NHL first-round players scored all three goals, each with one goal and two assists.

First, they slowed down the movement of the bulldogs, who, as they understood from the team that lost the first match, started the match with a hard step.

After Mason McTavish opened the scoring for Hamilton, who dominated early in the game, Burgo was able to equalize the game with a good pass from Burke Burke. The opposite scenario happened before the end of the first frame, when Burgo handed Marco Constantini to Burga before he defeated him with a powerful timer blow.

The Bulldogs tied the game at the end of the second game, and then the power play for the Cats in the third game was touched again.

Burgo handed it to Burke, who immediately noticed that Olivier Nado was well placed in front of the net. The latter only had to push the puck into the empty gate. It all lasted only eight seconds.

This game was developed by Daniel Reno and was explained to the players a few minutes before the start of the power game.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve played this game. We’ve changed Mav [Bourque] the and [Pierrick] Dubbed. We saw the opening between the second and the third in the video and we made a change and it worked, ”Nado said.

Coulomb sends a message

Although the cataract’s big guns scored big goals with human superiority, the scenario would have been different without the brilliant miracle of goalkeeper Coulomb. In the first, he insisted that the Bulldogs and the Ontario champions at the end of the game insisted on doing everything they could to equalize.

“He played a very big game, Dupuis recognized. He showed a lot of character. He made big saves and, when the time came, put his hand on the washer. He seems to have controlled the pace of the game. »

Coulomb, in turn, wanted to jump back after the Cataracts decided to use Charles-Antoine Lavalle in the first game of the tournament.

“Obviously there is competition between the two goalkeepers,” said the 19-year-old goalkeeper. Lavi and I have a good relationship, but I felt bad for not starting the tournament and wanted to come back tonight. »

The Bulldogs face the Edmonton Oil Kings in Friday’s game, which will determine the final team to reach the semifinals.

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