Paolo Banchero selected by Magic in first place!

Remove the two pieces of tape that secure your eyelids to the bottom of your forehead, you no longer need to fake surprise. Tonight, about ten hours after Adrian Wojnarowski came up with a strong hypothesis about the first three picks of this 2022 draft, Adam Silver took the stage at the Barclays Center to break the trend. Paolo Banquero in Houston Orlando, done.

Paolo Bankero’s profile is HERE!

“For the first NBA draft and Orlando Magic draft pick Paolo Bankero of Duke University! » In search of the Duke’s rising star, John Hammond. general Manager Magics – furnishes his position 4, left after the injury of Jonathan Isaac. But anyone who has studied the Banchero phenomenon would call the term ” furnish » unsuitable. It’s almost condescending. We are talking here about position 4 of 2m08 with a support game stolen from the leader, able to place his teammates and organize an offensive with consistency, maturity and flak. His 2021-22 season? Qualifying for the Final Four March Madness for the last of Mike Krzyzewski – aka Coach K – and stats up to 17.2 points on 48% shooting, including 34% from 3-pointers, 7.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.1 steals. For a freshman of 19 banks – 20 Nov. 12 – acclimatization to the NCAA rhythm went without getting his neck wet. It’s like putting a steak in a frying pan, and even without oil, it glides perfectly. But one of the softest sides of Paolo Banchero is outside the hardwood floors. This young man is shining. Wherever she goes, her tattooed figure, upon closer inspection, creates class. He’s the kind of player who sheds light on the franchise. This was probably the reason that prompted Magic to change the boat at the buzzer, preferring its brilliance to the very collected Jabari Smith.

For little background jokes, he will be the first Paul “ stories to play in the nba. Know that if his name was Albertino, he could have been the first.” Albertino » stories to play in the NBA. This is not the case, so this information is not relevant to this article. Always delirious of lights, his full name “Paolo Napoleon James Banchero”. In the bag, the daron was pleased, slipping a small dedication to the emperor in the child’s birth certificate. Why ? Definitely Italian family roots. Yes, Paolo Banquero has dual citizenship. Despite the centrality of the Rican media to his development, in November 2021, the American-Italian confessed to Simone Sandri of Gazetta dello Sport. Has the topic been discussed? Azzurra Squad. “This interest in Italy and the love I had for this country never stopped growing in me. So I’m happy to play for Italy and represent Italy.”. Wow, a heart in front of the medals, beautiful. Magic lovers can go to bed in peace, next October they will go to war with a young man full of valuables.

However, if we had to point out a negative point, it would be the arrest last November for ” help and encourage” drunk driving. He sat in the back seat of his SUV driven by his teammate Michael Savarino, coach K’s grandson, who was a bit tipsy at the time. And that brace has sent him off the podium in most dummy drafts.. Be careful, Magic needs a character, not a descendant of the Turin mafiosi. Such a sweet Paolo.

Tattoo in Orlando, it’s done. John Hammond is lending his big hand into Duke’s workforce and taking on Paolo Banquero, one of the three big talents of this 2022 crop. The Florida franchise just needs to evolve and keep building around Franz Wagner, Cole Anthony, Jalen Suggs, Jonathan Isaac and Banchero. See you in one or two seasons to discuss top of the table?

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