Serbia invites itself to Miami!

Since it’s hard to spend an NBA draft night without mentioning the Balkans and their pool of orange ball nuggets, here we go. Nikola Jovic, ranked 27th, will represent Eastern Europe next year in Miami. For the Heat, the pick looks pretty good… provided the winger calms down his sometimes explosive nature a bit.

Here she is, the Balkan head of this 2022 crop. He is blond, he is tall, but he is not chosen for third place and his name is not Luka Doncic, a loser. What’s more, here’s one more thing we missed, much to our dismay: expected in 21st place by several predictions, Nikola Jovic could have been drafted by the Nuggets. Why do we say so? Because Denver already clearly has Nikola Jokic. And here the possibilities for jokes were endless. The NBA is sometimes brutal, and it was at 4:27 AM, after more than a week of tweaking a ton of valves for this exceptional combination, that the terrible news came. No, we won’t see Nikola and Nikola play together, it’s up to you to decide whether the double MVP will be first or second. We won’t see them share their recipes for Serp duvets and other cevaps. Disappointment is hard to accept, so let’s talk about basketball. From the point of view of the orange ball, Jovic is not a six-week-old bunny. At the end of his first professional season in the main team of KK Mega Soccerbet, a distant relative of pet Jean Lassalle was able to gain confidence and become a real offensive threat.

In terms of scoring, he is a player who can get to the rim in an impressive variety of ways. 2.11 meters of mobility, this already gives you difficulties with the control of the drives. Throw in a decent, but still in need of improvement, three-pointer and you have a good boy ready to deal a lot of damage.. His weak points? Left hand to start. When you know the ferocious defensemen that roam the NBA courts, it’s hard to imagine post 3 going without a left paw could be dangerous. Due to the second glitch in his game, he is just as annoying. Nikola Jovic is a hell mule. The kind of pooch that rattles when things don’t go according to his plan. We know Jimmy Butler, and if Niko starts to expose him too much, Jimmy will quickly react in Niko mode, but this time Bellick. In short, the obligation to take meditation classes came to South Beach. It even seems that relaxing on the beach in the afternoon does a good job of directing energy in the right direction.

Get your guitars and other harpsichords ready, today we’re going to have a Serbian style party in Miami. Nikola Jovic comes in and he’s only one letter away from MVP status before his first NBA game. Therefore, it will be necessary to prove that the level is sufficient for the United States, while avoiding returning it with the names of birds that live on the edge of the Adriatic.

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