TJ Parker (after Asvel’s victory over Monaco in the 2nd match): “Best answer”

TJ Parker (Asvel coach, Monaco winner 91-54 in match 2 of the Betclic Élite final) “I am very proud of the team. Players know what to do to win at this level. But after match 1, we had to tell them again, show them the images. Today is the best answer we could get. Wednesday … Read more

Asvel lost at home to Monaco in the first leg of the Betclic Elite final

The suffocating heat that reigned in Astroballe, as well as the weight of the opponent’s twenty titles, did not constrain the Roca Team players. The Monegasques quickly made their mark in the match with their talent and strength, and T.J. Parker’s men found no solution. One of the key moments of the match was the … Read more

Betclic Elite: trigger, Boulogne finally stays in Levallois

On Thursday morning, Mets 92 staff received a text message from a manager saying the club would not give up and would eventually remain at the Marseille-Cerdan gym in Levallois-Perret in 2022-23. “ We have no feedback, no explanation “, wonders Frédéric Donnadieu, president of Nanterre 92. “ We weren’t demanding because our club is … Read more

Sasa Obradovic (Monaco): “These matches are shortening my life span! »

Sasha Obradovic (Monaco coach): “These matches shorten the lifespan of a coach (laughs and holds his heart through his suit). During the break, when we were losing (29-48), I was basically trying to understand what was happening, why we were giving this match to the opponent, just like that. I knew that Strasbourg would not … Read more

Betclic Elite: Asvel defeats Cholet and advances to the semi-finals

Cholet pushed the French champions to the limit, but Asvel qualified for the fourth in a row for the third time in a row, winning at home (84-82) on Sunday in the quarter-final cheerleading match of the final. TJ Parker players will face Dijon in the semi-finals, this time best of five. The first act … Read more