Ime Udoka (Boston) after the coronation of Golden State: “This suffering may last for a while”

Ime Udoka, Boston Celtics coach, after losing Game 6 and crowning Golden State: “Of course, failure so close to the goal hurts. A lot of the guys in the dressing room are very touched right now. The message to the players is that this suffering is likely to last for a while. This pain never … Read more

Steve Kerr (Golden State) sees “great similarities” between Stephen Curry and Roger Federer.

Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, who will play the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night, believes Stephen Curry, his star player, is taking the same approach as tennis player Roger Federer, winner of the Grand Prix. Helmet 20 times to stay at the level of perfection, … Read more