Quebec’s hopes have been tested

Buffalo Tristan Luno has been retained by NHL teams, one of whom decided to challenge him at a player evaluation session in Buffalo. “The leaders said they were surprised to see me score 12 goals because I didn’t score well,” the Gatino Olympic defender laughed. You can’t take it wrong. They are just trying to … Read more

Five interesting goals for Canadians in the next project

The NHL Draft will be held July 7 and 8 in Montreal. Kent Hughes currently has 14 selections and a special first overall pick. If Shane Wright should be the Canadian choice, the sequel remains very interesting. After Round 1, there are some very interesting players and it will be interesting to see the decisions … Read more

Adam Nicholas brings a modern twist to player development

MONTREAL – Habs general manager Kent Hughes told the media on Jan. 19 that he acknowledged that several departments needed some repairs. “We’re going to look at the structure,” Hughes said. And the people who work here; we value the recruitment department, advanced statistics and development. » Easier said than done. Although the organization recently … Read more