“Luka Doncic told me I was giving him a little trouble”

Frank Ntilikina, the recent conference finalist with the Dallas Mavericks was a guest on RMC’s Basket Time, giving him the opportunity to wrap up his first season in Texas. “Good end to the season,” said Frank. “A season with ups and downs, times when I played a little more than others, but I was always … Read more

Confessions of Kendrick Perkins on Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden

Guest on The Old Man & the Three Podcast by Jay Jay Redick, Kendrick Perkins look back on the period of the Thunder and the exposure of the team, which at one time consisted of a trio Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook as well as James Harden. A trio that didn’t play well together for long … Read more

Steve Kerr explains why he thinks the Warriors will be even better next season

While there were a few naysayers to call the Warriors a dynasty, now with 4 NBA titles in 7 years, it’s hard to say otherwise. A dynasty based on the 5 elements Cast: Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodalabut also Steve Kerr. This latest title is without a doubt the most incredible of … Read more

“And after 6 months they tell me that I can no longer play basketball? Adam Silver is the biggest hypocrite of all.”

In February, he was traded in Houston for Boston, and then outright beaten by the Rockets. Enes Freedom Kanter currently without a club and considers himself a pariah in the league for his commitments against human rights violations in China or Turkey. “Let me give you a very simple statistic, this is not rocket science: … Read more

“I don’t mind because when I get home I will have four rings”

With 5 NBA Finals and 4 titles, Tony Parker knows a lot about the playoffs, finals and success in the NBA. He also knows the Golden State Warriors very well, having met several times in the playoffs. Especially during the formation of this team, which surprised in 2013, led by a young and promising trio: … Read more

The NBA grumbles about the luxury tax the Warriors can afford; Bob Myers answer

This season, the Golden State Warriors’ wages are about $175 million, well over the salary cap, and their luxury tax will be a massive $170.3 million, a record. After all, this season should cost them…$345 million! But the Warriors can afford it, and making the playoffs will give them a lot of money back. It’s … Read more

“There were a lot of very selfish players, no team spirit”

Within a few days, Juan Hernangomes will star in a Hustle production film LeBron James as well as Adam Sandler, a doubly important summer is looming for him as he has an unsecured $6.6 million contract for next season and therefore his future is unclear. He had an interesting end to the season with the … Read more

“Jason Tatum is a superstar and he deserves it; He’s a great player, that’s for sure.”

Jason Tatum and the Celtics were on a mission in Game 7, determined to catch up in Game 6. They quickly set the tone and took the Heat by the throat after Tatum, who scored 8 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. very aggressive in the first quarter, despite relative clumsiness (3/9). The mission was … Read more