Avalanche removes Lightning from the throne NHL.com

TAMPA “The Tampa Bay Lightning is over. The Colorado Evalanch won Florida’s two-game winning streak 2-1 on Sunday, winning the Stanley Cup in six games in front of Lightning fans at the Amalie Arena. Jared Bednar’s troops will bring the Cup to Colorado for the third time in the history of the concession for the … Read more

Lille is ‘more reasonable’ for basketball games, says Paris City Hall

Still without a fixed fence, basketball could well have been played in Lille during the Paris 2024 Olympics. Handball would go the opposite way, joining the capital. This option was studied by the mayor’s office. Swapping the preliminary stages of basketball and handball during the 2024 Olympics, sending the former to Lille and repatriating the … Read more

Crader has a piece of the Rangers’ fate in his hands

“You immediately noticed that it had an impact,” said Callahan, a former Rangers captain. “The most memorable thing is that he was never pressured at an important time. “We knew right away that he would be a key player in the organization. » READ: Familiar position for New York, but a different situation It’s been … Read more

at the end of the dream season Bourges is crowned for the 15th time

Everything under control, the Berruyers took their third victory in three matches against Lyon and won the final of the French championship. Basketball players from Bourges, too strong for Lyon, won the French title for the fifteenth time, improving their record with three victories in the same number of matches in the final, which is … Read more

Succession: Leadership makes a difference

MONTREAL – The AHL is arguably the best place to develop young talent. Players such as Rafael Harvey-Pinard, Jesse Ylonen, Corey Shuneman and Kaiden Pryau have entered the metaphorical threshold of the NHL in search of education and growth in Laval. But team leaders can only go wherever they want. It is very important to … Read more

Thibaut: Who will stop Connor McDavid?

In 1993, Quebec Nordic’s first-round pick in the NHL draft, Joselin Thibaut, played 586 games in his 15-season career in the NHL. He played for the Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabers, winning 238 games. He coached the Avalanche goalkeepers for two seasons and now owns the Sherbrook Phoenix … Read more