Coming to Formula 1: Schumacher won by more than points in Austria

Came to Formula 1 Schumacher won by more than points in Austria Emmanuel Schneider 10.07.2022, 19:09 Mick Schumacher is having the busiest week of his time as a motorsport driver. The points premiere at Silverstone was adopted by issues in the dash race, however then culminated with sixth place on the Austrian Grand Prix in … Read more

Formula 1 half-time balance sheet: Only father saves Vettel’s teammates

Formula 1 within the balance of half-time Only father will save Vettel’s teammates By Christian Schentzel 16.07.2022, 21:17 Time in Formula 1! After 11 out of twenty-two races, it is time for the interim abstract. Which driver deserved which worth? How will Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel fare after half a 12 months of ups … Read more