The avalanche is approaching the Cup

TAMPA – Colorado Evalanch has just hit the defending champions.

In the first game of the final, Nazem Kadri Jared Bednar’s side beat Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 to take a 3-1 lead in extra time on Wednesday with a 12:02 goal.

Qadri, who was injured by an inch in the Western final, said with a sneer that he had returned to the game Mikhail Sergachev Andrei Vasilevsky put a puck in his armpit and everyone thought the goalkeeper made a save.

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“At first I thought he was entering, but when I saw him swimming in Vasilevsky’s net, I thought he had made a safe,” said the heroine. There was a bit of confusion. When I saw everyone jumping on the ice, I knew it was confirmed. It feels so good. »

On the lightning side, the feelings were torn between disappointment and sadness.

“It does more harm than good,” coach John Cooper said, and the winning goal in the game should not have been counted.

Cooper did not disclose his game, but responded with a statement a few hours after the NHL game that there were too many players on the ice.

In a press release, the league’s hockey operations department said it had spoken to four game officials and that all of them had not been punished for having too many people on the ice. No appeals are allowed for this type of offense.

Avalanche, who are leading by 11-3 points in extra shooting, will therefore have the opportunity to lift the Holy Grail for the first time in 21 years. In Game 5 of the Series on Friday. 20:00 ET; TVAS, CBC, SN, ABC, ESPN +).

Nathan McKinnonwith the advantage of the man in the second match, and in his first in the final Andrew Cogliano marked other visitors. Each time, the puck went into the goal – the first from McKinnon’s skate, the second from the platform of Colano.

“We need to have a short memory,” the star recalled. Signing this victory is very exciting, but we will celebrate it for a few minutes and move on to the next call. Victory is victory. We have to start all over again in the next game. »

Anthony Cirelli36 seconds after the start of the match and Victor Hedman He scored Lightning’s goals, which were never left behind in the game. Sirelli injected the needle a few minutes later Lesson Cooper Eric Chernak lost his mask when a cannonball hit his forehead.

Goals are allowed because the official must not interrupt the game when the opportunity to score has arisen.

Cuemper allowed his team to stay in the game, and the hosts did what they wanted on the first ice – 17-4. In addition to not having enough control over his throwing, the goalkeeper seemed to have complete control over his means.

Hedman’s goal is until the middle of the season.

Sweden’s floating backstroke hit his shield and surprised everyone. This gift could have cut the visitors’ leg, but at the beginning of the third half, Colano was successful and equalized.

Although a little clumsy in front of the net, Cuemper finished the night with 37 saves. On the other hand, Andrey Vasilevsky It was equivalent to saving 34 puck.

Video: Kadri scored the winning goal in extra time

“He fought well,” Bednar said of the goalkeeper. I never questioned his willingness to do good. I trust him, guys trust him. He did a good job for us tonight. We talk a lot about Vasilevsky, for good reason, but Kuemper was fine tonight. »

Broken lightning

The further the series progresses, the more the lightning hospital fills up. He continued on Wednesday and the task could be complicated by a northern game he will play.

Earlier, the attacker was fired Braden PointFrom the fifth minute of the second half, Cooper had to leave without defender Chernak. The latter blocked McKinnon’s blow with the outside of his knee and later retreated to the locker room.

A few moments later, it was Kirelli who died in the war. He and his teammate fell to the ground Alex Killorn It was as if he had cut off his hand with a skate while trying to cross it. After treatment during the second break, he returned to the final third, but did not come face to face.

On the avalanche side, Hold the macaroni He fell in the way of the big guy and injured his right hand Pat Maroon. The defender took the time to drive out the pain and he stayed in the game.


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