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The longest gaps between first-team football appearances for one club | football

“I hope you can share such longer gaps in appearance with the same club without leaving” Chittaranjan tweeted after Phil Jones returned to the Manchester United match after an absence of 712 days.

Here you are …

745 days: Joe Perry notes that QPR member Luke Young was sidelined and suffered a thigh injury from March 24, 2012 until his return on April 8, 2014.

910 days: Rangers’ Ian Durant was badly injured by Neil Simpson against Aberdeen on October 8, 1988 and did not return to the first team until April 6, 1991 (advice to David Ferguson). The rivalry between the two clubs has continued to maintain itself ever since.

1120 days: “Celtic’s JFK had over three years between back-to-back appearances for the club,” wrote Rhorayed Fleming. “He played in the Old Firm derby on March 28 before going through a panic attack in his first international for Scotland on March 31, 2004. He won’t be back until April 22, 2007.”

1,221 days: Due to an injury crisis, Wycombe’s manager, Gareth Ainsworth, pulled himself out of retirement to play in the Chekatrade Trophy match against Northampton on August 30, 2016, having stopped playing at Adams Park on April 27, 2013.”[The appetite to play] “It never goes away and you always think you can do it,” Ainsworth said. “Maybe I should say my thanks to the Sunday League team as well because they kept me in good shape and didn’t let the game go.” Thanks again to Joe for that.

Gareth Ainsworth after his introduction with Wycombe Wanderers guitar on April 27, 2013. Photo: Paul Dennis/TGS Photo/Rex/Shutterstock

1,455 days: Jordi Gomez recalls: “At the beginning of the 1984-85 season, professional players in Spain called for a strike, so the second round was played with amateur and young players.” “Most of them had the only first-team experience that day, but a few of them proved their skill and got the chance to play in the seasons that followed. Then there was Luis Milla, who played for Barcelona that day (September 9, 1984) at just 18 years old, and he had to Waiting almost four years (September 3, 1988) for his next match. If you think this shows great patience and dedication to the club, it should be noted that after a year and a half he could not agree to the terms of the contract and left for Real Madrid, no less.”

2925 days: Louis Becker made his second first-team performance for Chelsea in their FA Cup win over Chesterfield on Saturday. He had previously made his brief debut in the Blues’ FA Cup winning derby on 5 January 2014, before being sent out on loan to eight long-term deals, rather than permanent deals.

Total high points tied in one season

“What is the biggest goal tally for two teams combined in both home and away matches in a season? I suppose there are examples of say 3-3 and 4-4 but are there any really big numbers where they only get two points?” asks John McDougall.

John Curry rolling the ball: “In the old First Division, 1958-59, Tottenham drew 1-1 away with Portsmouth in October and 4-4 at home the following February.” Good start but Clive Denny can go a step further. “Maybe Charlton is a contender,” he adds. Charlton finished against Middlesbrough 6-6 on October 22, 1960 in The Valley, with the return game 2-2. The Christmas games between Charlton and Plymouth in 1960 were the most exciting, but not a tie. Charlton won 6-4 at Valley Day Boxing Day, then lost 6-4 to Plymouth the next day. There are still only two points each.”

calendar problems (2)

Last week’s column featured footballers on club calendars in the years they had never played for the team. But there is more and it is very good…

Stepping forward was Donald Vass, who picked up the stick and ran with it This is a wonderful thread In the famous 2013 Portsmouth calendar. It starts with “some context”. “Pompey had a really dismal season from 2012 to 2013. We were in management, in 23 bleak matches without a win, and we were due to suffer our third drop in four seasons, eventually finishing 24th to complete our collapse from the Premier League to Second League. Crucially, the financial problems that the club faced at that time led to a severe shortage of players. We had a shabby, cobbled squad with a lot anyone which was available at the time.

“Academy youths, on loan, working on one-month contracts and even 40-year-old coach Ashley Westwood, have been called out of retirement to take part in an unforgettable FA Cup game in Plymouth. Fifty-five different players with the club took part in it. season.So the calendar was always likely to be disastrous.The club was running week to week, while the product was sent to printers months ago.It was already pretty much out of date by the time it was unwrapped by fans on Christmas Day …and it will get worse from there.” Here it is in all its glory…

Knowledge Archive

Did they use an actual hat in the FA Cup draw? asked Andy Morrison in 2006. “If so, when was it last used, and what kind of hat was it?”

In fact, early raffles included headgear; A hat covered with a handkerchief, to be exact. It was filled with pieces of paper bearing the names of the clubs, with a member of the FA committee gently lifting a corner of a handkerchief to tie ties. Bryon Butler’s History of the Contest is the only source of information about this mysterious ritual, until the first radio coverage of the lottery, in December 1935, “was banned and hauled against all unofficial comers” – including the press. By then, the bag and ball arrangement was in place. In fact, the BBC asked then-FA Secretary Sir Stanley Ross to move balls into the bag to make a dramatic effect.

FA historian David Barber suggested that the top hat and bandana faded into a drive for modernization around 1914. However, phrases like “in the hat for the next round” will always have their roots in the actual routine of the tournament. fee.

Knowledge Archive

Can you help?

“I recently saw that Andrea Barzagli opened a vineyard, which made me think: Together with Andrea Pirlo (wine), Richard Eckersley (oat milk) and Carlo Ancelotti (Parmesan), is it possible to form a team or a squad that has a stake in food production?” asks Joe Morris.

Did any player have to leave the match after colliding with a referee? asks Gerard Parker.

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